Origins 2017
Posted by garhkal

So origins 2017 prereg is already up and active..  Anyone already acquired their badges!??

Posted by chelledg

Trying to register for Events today, but let's just say there are issues...did anyone else have problems?

Also, for those of you who may not have heard...True Dungeon is coming to Origins this year. May be easier to get a slot there than at GenCon...if they fix Event Registration!

Posted by garhkal

They just got done sending out an alert.  They had major glitches so had to take it off line to fix.  THEY hope to have it back up and running 1pm on Fri as per the email they sent out.

BUT I am still waiting on my DM badge code, so i can put that in before i can reg for events..

Posted by quarex

I "already" acquired mine!  More specifically I realized that for the second year in a row I actually can make it work with my schedule, so why would I not go!?  My hotel is not as sweet as it was last year, but I will live.

Also going to hit PAX Unplugged's debut show in November, too, in no small part because I failed to get tickets to both PAX and PAX East when living in each of those areas respectively and I figured I would give it one last shot while the convention was brand-new and I actually had a chance at scoring a spot, hah.

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