PAX Unplugged - basically, PAX trying to do it's own Gen Con
Posted by aldctjoc

Well this is interesting:

"Why do we need another one of these? The block of June through October is pretty slammed with regional, national, and international board gaming shows already, and most of them have operated since even before the first PAX existed. So why another? One answer: demand, both from fans and from exhibitors. "Our other shows are reaching critical mass," Hartman says about sell-out crowds at capacity venues. "Tabletop exhibitors are not alone in wanting more space.""

Hmm... I don't know what to think of this. Competition? Or welcomed addition to satisfy a broad demand that exceeds what Gen Con provides? 

Posted by aldctjoc

Well, one of the founders is speaking respectfully about not being competition:

"Hartman doesn’t see those other conventions as direct competitors, and instead wants Unplugged to be an opportunity to expand the tabletop audience.“Clearly Gen Con is the biggest dog in the park,” Hartman said. “I would say that as an industry, tabletop is absolutely exploding right now"...

... “The tabletop space is huge,” Hartman said, “and there’s definitely an appetite for it among our exhibitors, among our fanbase and among the industry.”"

Posted by apparentlymarylee

They're right as far as demand. I went to PAX East a year ago and we spent the majority of our time in the giant tabletop room.

Super excited when I heard about this!

Posted by rutherfordr

Honestly, I think they're trying to satisfy a broad demand that isn't being met.

I doubt they can replicate the size and scope of GenCon, but I think there's room for more regional conventions.

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