PETA Targets Games Workshop, makers of Warhammer 40,000
Posted by gib_rebeg

PETA UK have written to Games Workshop, makers of Warhammer 40,000 and its myriad table-top gaming models, asking them to cease depicting imagery of its myriad characters wearing animal fur and make them “fur free.”

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Posted by garhkal

What the Hu/...  So not content to go after real animal fur, then fake animal fur, they now go after toy makers for having 'medieval figures depicted wearing fur"?
What next, going after artists who paint/sketch medieval characters, to stop using fur?

Posted by divachelle garhkal

garhkal wrote:What next, going after artists who paint/sketch medieval characters, to stop using fur?

I think the next plan is to persecute, prosecute and imprison people who THINK about fur.

Posted by helenbb

Sorry.... this kind of thing gets to me. I shouldn't have typed what I did, and it has been deleted. 

Move along, nothing to see here.

Posted by remnant

Am I missing something?  I mean in a game where there's unicorns, dragons, demons, etc. primitive people wearing furs (Do space orks were fur?  I think it's wonky to think WH Fantasy is in a future/bubble during WH40K too but meh) or in some instances fur from animals they've killed or almost been killed by.  I mean how do they prove it's 'real imaginary fur' or 'fake imaginary fur'?  Cut up a plastic or metal figure and see there's no fur, look at a picture (that's not an accurate and or realistic interpretation could be an argument unless it's a picture of killing and skinning a creature), read an excerpt from a passage (that's fiction).  I mean where do they draw the line?  Real life animals not okay but 3 story tall buffalo elephant is cool or alien skulls and skin?  Also aren't Space Wolves since this is the issue I guess 'partially wolfish in features/dna (maybe I don't know enough about my lore, this is a big possibility mind you)?  I've never been a big fan of Games Workshop when I was buying miniatures (mostly Tyranids) but FFS why not get PETA UK working with actual issues versus imaginary depictions? 

On the meta and a bit tongue and cheek:  PETA UK stating 'you fictional space Vikings' can't wear imaginary fur, you people are wrong.  Could a Space Wolf Marine state he's triggered and ask what do you mean you people???  Since they're part wolf are they saying they can't let their fur grow out and have to shave now?  Clip and trim their nails so they don't look like claws?  Why stifle their culture?

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