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Posted by roganca

Gen Con 10 took place partly at the Playboy Resort? Do I have that right?

I have so many questions: there was a Playboy Resort in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin? That seems impossible. And for four days there were games of D&D going on there?

Beyond the sheer novelty of mixing playboy bunnies and gamers, it's a crazy intersection of uniquely American brands. Playboy was at its zenith in 1977 and Gen Con/tabletop gaming was in its infancy. What a weird moment in history where they intersect.

Wikipedia says there were 2,300 attendees at that con. Tiny compared to current figures, and many of those 2,300 are doubtless no longer with us today. But if anyone reading this was there... damn. What was it like?

Posted by quarex

It is the current location of Gary Con, bringing things back ... well, not precisely FULL circle, but back to an earlier day, hah.

From Randy Porter (the "Keeper of Ancient Gen Con Lore")'s archived webpage:

"1977: Gen Con expanded into the Playboy resort, where the Playboy Bunnies were delivering drinks and were later banned in the gaming area for being a disruption. Old timers are still nostalgic about that year. Preregistration was $10 and $15 at the door for all four days. Tournament fees were only $.50 a games. What would become the AD&D open started on Friday the 19th with 180 player slots. Even with the Horticulture Hall, the Legion hall and the church next door, Gen Con had outgrown the friendly confines of Lake Geneva and had to move on."

I would go check out my copy of 40 Years of Gen Con ( to see what they said there, but my copy is across the country right now, sadly :)

Posted by roganca

Thanks quarex, great stuff. I may have to get my own copy of 40 Years. What better year to bone up on Gen Con history, right?

Posted by jimmythesaint

If you don't mind the pdf version, Bundle of Holding has a good deal including the Gen Con history right now:

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