Newbie cosplayer lookin' to see what everyone else is doing!
Posted by deviipop

This is my first time at GenCon and I've decided to cosplay as well. Are there any other people that will also be? If so what are your plans??

my current plan is Sakura from Fire Emblem Fates but I may add one more character depending on funds ; v ;

Posted by the amethyst dragon

I plan on making/wearing my first "serious" costume for Gen Con. Not based on a specific character, it's just going to be some blue and black dragonscale armor. Haven't worked with foam before, but I've got myself a heat gun and I'm not afraid to use it. :)

Posted by microwench

This will be my first time ever doing cosplay.  I am going to be cosplaying my Shadowrun character, T0n1c; a dwarf decker.  Keeping it fairly simple, just wearing my usual shorts and tank top and adding a tactical vest and Nerf gun.  Which reminds me, I need to get that sucker painted!

Posted by jlawry86

I'm trying to save money this year, so I think I might save the cosplay for Gen Con 2018. :)

Posted by kidlidar

My daughter is cosplaying as Rwby for the first time, my relatives are helping us with the costume.  My wife has a pretty good steampunk outfit that we've put together over the last couple of years.  Hoping to start work on mine this year.

Posted by ewamba

Gencon is my only big con so I do a bunch of costumes. I'm being Maze from Lucifer on Friday, Moana on Saturday, and I'm making a 1930s dress for the dance on Saturday night.  I may not be the best, but it is fun to dress up!

Posted by kossorii1292

Probably just doing an Ash Ketchum costume since I don't have time. I have a costume Solas suit from Dragon Age but I think the fit is off now since I lost a bunch of weight during the summer. I also may consider doing Sword Art Online Kirito.

Posted by kochy1313

I am going as Annie Leonheart (scout form), Richard from LFG, and I have a steampunk outfit for the dance. 

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