Roomates or trade: Downtown Embassy King + sofabed
Posted by kahvi

My husband (Sindre, for those who know us) and I have a reservation at the Embassy Suites downtown that we would like either to share or trade. It is $256 per night from July 30th through August 8th. (NOTE: The booking was CHEAPER this way than if we'd only booked for the GenCon week, hence the long reservation.)

We are looking to either:

  • Share the room and the cost - as we are a couple we would prefer to keep the king and for any roommates to take the sleeper. We are open to any offers here.


  • Trade for any downtown reservation Tuesday through Monday. Again, we're open to any offers.

Please ask if you have any questions - here's hoping someone will be interested. :)

Posted by drumline3469

I have a Downtown Wed-Sunday at the Conrad. I've been really looking for something at the Embassy, but can you not just change your reservation to drop the extra days?

Posted by kahvi

We could, but that would make the booking MORE expensive, as I explained above. For whatever reason, adding the extra days REDUCED the total cost. The issue for us is that we cannot afford the cost of the room on our own, hence either needing roommates or a trade to a cheaper reservation.

We might be interested in trading in for a Wed-Sun reservation, though we'd then need to find rooms for Tue-Wed and Sun-Mon. What's the rate on your reservation?

Posted by drumline3469

It's 275 a night for 2 double beds. What we do on the years we stay longer is book out of block at like the Airport Ramada or something for the extra days. They usually have plenty of room for cheap, and for us at least, staying on site Tuesday night, or Sunday night isn't as important, so it always saves some money. What's the reservation run if you just booked the days of the con (Wed-Sun)?

Posted by drumline3469

Also, if the price is the issue, I've had a few offers for a King at JW or Mariott and Hyatt for around 225 (I think), but we have like 12 people in our group, so we're always looking for the biggest rooms possible and those hotels haven't worked out for us super well in past since we like to have 6 people to a room for cost purposes.

Posted by kahvi

Then I'm afraid it's not a good option for us, as we are looking for something cheaper (and/or smaller) than what we already have... Thanks though!

(We have to stay in-block for the duration, as my husband is a volunteer.)

Posted by brianvanle

Email me at brianvanle1980 on that Google mail.

Posted by dark293

Posted by maniacalraven

If you are still looking to share the room... I am very easy to get along with and would likely only be there to sleep. Leave early in morning and return at night to sleep.
email at
maniacalraven  @

Posted by keuschbr

How many roommates are you looking for?

Posted by smilingpapaya

Are you still looking? I need a place Tues(Wed) through Sunday. 

Posted by jskillman453

smilingpapaya, email me at [email protected] , if you still haven't found anything.

Posted by kahvi

Hey all, due to unforeseen circumstances, this is still available. If anyone is still interested, please let us know. :)

Posted by cobos

I can be contacted through Googles email service using sindrejcb

I am Sindre aka the husband to Kahvi  :)


Posted by cobos

We have now found roommates so this can be closed.


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