Room/Car available 2 spots
Posted by erik_liera

Hello we are 2 flying into IND and we have two spots available for GenCon.

Value Place Indianapolis, IN (Greenwood)

Check In Thursday August 4
Check Out Tuesday August 9

We will have a Car

It will be 

125 USD + Gas/Park Money per person

Price is real cost split 4 ways will show confirmation email, I will not profit from this.

If you are interested post will need to set up a call to agree.

Thanks  and let the gaming begin!!


Posted by erik_liera erik_liera


Posted by miamiandy

Hey, I am interested in sharing. More than happy to split any costs associated. message me at andy (at) Can arrange call from there. 



Posted by theunknownalias

Interested and eager. Will pay portion in full, in cash on day of check-in in exchange for key card. Will provide my own transportation. Contact at agnostosallos for follow up or haggling.

Posted by evilbetty

Definitely interested, if there's still room. Email me at cmscarbrough1977 at gmail dot com.

Posted by exogenous

If there is still room for one I am interested. Email [email protected] or you can just text or call me Thomas at 530-902-6411

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