Room Available - Sheraton Downtown
Posted by djanedi

Double/Double at the Sheraton. Its not connected, but is three blocks from the Convention Center. Its on Memorial Circle for those familiar with Downtown Indy. You can park at the hotel when you get there and easily walk back and forth. 

Reservation is in-block Thursday-Sunday. We also have a room reserved Wednesday at the out of block price. Looking for someone to take the Th-Sun reservation, happy to also transfer Wed. night if needed. 

Posted by ismikeup

Very interested if it's still available! mike(a)

Posted by djanedi

I sent you an email. did you receive it? Or are you still interested?

Posted by dwchang

I am interested and need exactly those days (Thur - Sun). There doesn't appear to be a PM system so please e-mail me at dwchang AT

Posted by jamie toon

I imagine that this is already taken, but please let me know if it is not and I will grab it.
[email protected]

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