One Bedroom King Suite with Pull Sofa Candlewood Suites Indianapolis City Centre
Posted by naberus

Dates: Aug 3, 2016 - Aug 8, 2016
I saw someone else had a similar room available also. We had a spare room and ended up not needing it and i missed the deadline to give it up without being charged one night. It is not to far away from the convention center. a good choice if you are going to be in Indy Wednesday and may leave on Monday (vendor/artist) Let me know if you are interested. Thank you for your time.

Hey how are you?how much for it??

Posted by naberus

I am well thank you. The amount for the room is $177 a night for a total with tax for the 5 nights $1,035.45 it would be less if you do not stay Sunday night. I hope this is a good fit for you and you can help me out with it.

Posted by asgelb

I may be intersested in this! Is that the price for an empty room? I would just need Wed-Sun.

I currently have one, but its much more pricey and I'm not sure I can afford it anymore since my friend backed out.

Let me know if its available.

Posted by naberus

Yes that is empty I am staying elsewhere. It would be less then with $177 off plus less the tax for that night.

Posted by asgelb

ok thanks. I will let you know asap. I am just waiting on word from my friend.


you can email me at [email protected] for quicker response.


Posted by naberus

This room is still available. If needed.

Posted by dwchang

Posted by ultrathrok

Do you know if Wednesday night can be dropped as well as Sunday night? If so I would be interested. Please email me at (See Edit)

Edit: Email switched to gmail. If this room is still available please email me at ultrathrok AT

Posted by asgelb

Thank you...I no longer need a room.

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