Looking to TRADE - Have: Marriott King Want: Skywalk (or really close) Hotel with 2 beds
Posted by fyrestryke

Have: King Room at Marriott 
Want: 2 Queen or 2 Double at a skywalk (or close by) hotel

Dates: Wednesday 8-3 thru Sunday 8-7
Cost: $1015.56 with tax

Interested? email - chris at fyrestryke dot com or post here

Posted by gamenight

I understand you're looking to trade but if for some reason you need to give up that reservation, I'd be interested in it. Connected Marriott downtown?

Posted by fyrestryke

That's correct but we're unlikely to give it up. We're only after two beds to get a person in (who must have a bed) to make it 5.

If anyone is still looking for a room, hit your housing portal link every chance you get. There's been rooms popping up all the time, but they don't last long. That's how we got this one last week...

Posted by fyrestryke


Posted by fyrestryke

Anybody?  ;)

Posted by kainesh

Which Marriott?

I have a 2 double at the Conrad that I'd trade for a connected Marriott King.

Posted by fyrestryke

It's not "normal Marriott", not the JW.  Sorry, the Conrad is too far for some of my roommates.  :(  

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