Room Available - JW Marriott
Posted by lexington

Hey all,

Have a Standard King at the JW Marriott reserved in-block, from Wednesday evening - Sunday morning. We ended up getting a room reserved otherwise, anyone interested in taking this? Thanks!

Posted by jobble

Yes!  Please and thank you!  

The person my friend and I were rooming with bailed on us, transferred the room to a friend of his.  In panic mode.

jobble at hotmail dot com

Posted by rayken

I know it's none of my business, but the person you guys were planning on rooming with is a jerk.

Posted by jobble

Yes, I would tend to agree with you.

On the positive side I just managed to get a room on the portal. I'm amazed.

Lexington, hopefully you can transfer the room to someone else. 


Posted by naidirem

A STD. King fits 3 right? I'd love this room if it's still available.

Email is: mark.sheftick at

Posted by nicholasemail5

I would like to join you if possible my email is nicholasemail5 at gmail dot com

Posted by joffrey_89

I'm definitely interested in the room. 

Posted by vintage_dame

If the room is still available I'm interested.  Jen658ATcomcastDOTnet

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