Looking for one roommate: Conrad
Posted by linkn

Had a few last-minute plan changes, so now we're looking for an extra person in the Conrad.  Room rate is $315 plus tax for four people, so individual cost would be about $80 a night before taxes (about $92/night after taxes).  We've got the room Wednesday through Saturday nights.

If you're interested, PM or reply here.  Thanks!

Posted by divachelle

I believe that state and local taxes on hotel rooms total 17%; you may want to adjust your per-person estimate accordingly. :)


Posted by linkn

Hm, I meant the estimate was before taxes, because I didn't want to quote a with-tax price and then be horribly wrong, but I didn't make that clear.  Edited!

Posted by rcbouchard

Heck, that rate is insane, the hotel is sticking it to you. I've got a room at the Westin and need roommates at $207 a night plus tax,  equally split. [email protected] 

Posted by linkn

Definitely interested, email sent.

Posted by rcbouchard linkn

At work now, catch up with you tonight. 

Posted by evilbetty

If either of you still need a roommate hit me up. 

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