King size bed room at the Alexander, three/four blocks from the convention
Posted by jasonferrall

Hey all I have a king size room at the Alexander that I'm willing to transfer to someone who is interested.  It's right around the corner from the convention, not connected but still really nice.  The rooms are boutique style and very nice!  We have had some cancellations in our group and now only need one room!

Please feel free to contact me for more info, no charge of course but would love to avoid that 200 cancellation fee! 

Reply below if you are interested! 

Posted by budrhazepha

Possibly interested. How many nights and how much is the fee?

Posted by jasonferrall budrhazepha

Dates and Rates..

03-Aug-2016            2             Confirmed      201.00
04-Aug-2016            2             Confirmed      201.00
05-Aug-2016            2             Confirmed      201.00
06-Aug-2016            2             Confirmed      201.00

Total for stay:804.00 (I believe this is absent taxes)


Posted by indydarkknight

Is this room still available? Thanks!

Posted by jasonferrall


Posted by indydarkknight

Let's make a deal! What's next?
Contact me at [email protected]
Still available?

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