Hotel reservation ... Who wants it?
Posted by cappitelli

I have a hotel reservation that I need to cancel but it is past the no penalty for cancel time period.  Who would "take over" this reservation by just agreeing to take it over?  I will be calling the reservation center and would need to supply them with the name and phone number of the person.  Said person would then provide their contact information and form of payment to the hotel. 

The reservation is for August 3 - August 7th at the Sleep Inn (,d.eWE).  It is one room with two Queen beds.  The nightly rate is 224.99; making it 1052.95 for the four days.  

If you are interested, message me on Facebook.  Karen Cappitelli.

Posted by cappitelli

ATTENTION  - I cancelled the reservation.  It is up for grabs!

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