Looking for roommates- have a skywalk connected room
Posted by halberd10

Hey, I'm looking for last minute roommates. I have a king room in a skywalk connected hotel, Wednesday night through Saturday night. Price is negotiable, but will be fair. Reply here and leave your email address if you are interested.

Posted by koraldon

I'm interested, my email is: koraldon AT Hotmail.com, please send details.

Posted by suhreman

I too am interested, My email is suhreman AT gmail.com 


Posted by daeslan

My email is [email protected] 

Posted by jdee

Hi, my husband and I are interested. You can email me at jennifer.hamilton at outlook.com

Posted by amylhase

I am interested. [email protected]

Posted by aj_yaknow_aj

Hi this is AJ I am Interested If you are still Looking [email protected]

Posted by tameszu

Hi — Did you fill this? I'd be interested: <tameszu AT gmail.com>

Posted by grokgrok

Did you fill your room?
I'm interested.
[email protected]

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