LF Downtown Room
Posted by khristen

Circumstances are opening the possibility of us attending now, so my husband and I are looking for a room downtown/walking distance if available.  Not looking for roommates; prefer to be by ourselves. 

Posted by roo2d2

As I posted above, I have a double/double room at the Conrad Indianapolis that I'm wanting to transfer.

It's in walking distance, Wednesday-Sunday, $275/night.

Contact me at [email protected] if you are interested.

Posted by thunderw

I have an extra room that is out of Block at the JW.  It is a King/Double Queen.  The cost is $450/night including taxes.  These rooms are currently going for $699 not including taxes right now.  I would rather transfer the room to someone else than let it go back to the hotel.  Will be cancelling today on 7/27.

Posted by khristen

We've got one now.  Thanks!!

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