Anyone need a Downtown Room?
Posted by djanedi

In block Thurs. night-Sun. Also have room out of block on Wed. if you need that. Its a double/double. 
This is the Sheraton located downtown by the Circle. Its about 2 blocks or so from the convention center. Easy walk. 

Posted by djanedi


Posted by djanedi

Bump! Anyone interested?! 

Posted by bloodpuppy11


I'm interested.  Hit me up!

patrick.w.hunter at gmail


Posted by tameszu

Hi — I'm interested in Thursday - Sunday if this is still available. Please let me know — you can email me at <[email protected]>. (Also, Patrick, if you're interested in splitting this, please let me know.) Thanks!

Posted by grokgrok

Still space? I'm interested.
[email protected]

Posted by morgris

If there's any space please send me an email at hodgesjo at with the info.

Posted by toast42

I'm also looking: email is [email protected]

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