Embassy 8/2-8 Double Double Beds
Posted by nanoic

*TRANSFERRED* Last minute room cancellation and too late to adjust the dates. $230/night, breakfast and happy hour included. 

Posted by dmhops

Which Embassy suites?  I might be interested.

Posted by nanoic

Downtown. 110 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Posted by dmhops

It's a tough call.  I would have to unload my room at the Marriott first.  Not sure I can swing that.  I'm certain you won't have any trouble finding someone to take it.

Posted by tameszu

I might be interested — send me an email at tameszu AT gmail DOT com so we can discuss?

Posted by otthawk1

Sent you a email -- we'd love to grab this room if it is the Embassy downtown next to hall


Posted by nanoic

Room transferred.

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