Room for up to (3) at downtown hotel - closest hotel to GenCon
Posted by mcmanzi


I just had my 3 roomates cancel on me - so I'm scrambling to find some people who want a great deal on what is pretty much the best room in the best hotel in downtown Indy.

Looking for $225/person total for Wednesday - Sunday.

Help a gamer out, and score yourself a 1 minute walk back and forth to your hotel room from the convention center.

Posted by avoll

Email me
[email protected]

Posted by joecool10424


[email protected]

Posted by novex

I'm keen!

[email protected]

Posted by phuntasm

Send me the info, I'm interested, [email protected]

Posted by mcmanzi

One spot filled, still looking for 2 more people to fill the room

Posted by salerno313

Hey, I was talking to you on reddit, but I'm having trouble loading reddit now, I managed to cancel my room, I just need to iron out the final details with you. Please email me your info at [email protected]

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