Looking for 1 downtown room (pref 2 beds but will take anything)
Posted by shaka808

Looking for an attached hotel am ok with out of room block prices (up to 500 a night maybe) . If you booked out of block and got a good queue time and want to transfer that res let me know :).

Need The 3-8  - pref two beds but one is workable (dates prob workable also as long as you have thur/fri/sat). 


Posted by braewe

Yesterday Fairfield had rooms at $350 or so a night but that's still pretty high, imo, and it had to be a wednesday checkin. Nothing at all for a thursday checkin.

Posted by mamabarry

Right now the Fairfield is $449 for Aug 3-7.  The room is a Studio, 1 King, Sofa bed.  

Posted by shaka808

Thats for a prepaid rate that has to be paid right now. Thats not going to happen as I dont have 3k sitting around to be locked into a room. Have a 4hour queue time also. Im willing to spend up to 500 a night average for a room and will have the money then, but tax returns arent in yet and I already spent 1.5k on the plane fair.

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