Searching for King Downtown - Wed/Sun
Posted by glory


Thanks all! Managed to snag a room!

@marimacc this can be deleted to make room for other threads. I can't find a way to edit my title. 

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Bump. King Westin preferred... but will take any downtown King. 

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glory wrote:
Foxed again. I have no room. If you have an extra downtown King I will be more than willing to take it off your hands. Westin preferred.
Please e-mail me carmie(dot)burdi(at)gmail(dot)com

I'd even be able to take Thurs-Sun if it's a Westin room. 

Posted by watchdog

Just did a Kayak search.  King room at Conrad, Wed - Sun, $1656.70 total.

Posted by glory

I legit just tried to book this and it took all my info and then said "sorry cannot complete your reservation." FML

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