Taken JW Marriott - 1 King - Wed->Mon
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Posted by aeythreval

I have a in-block reservation available for the JW Marriott that I won't be needing. Although the reservation is Wed->Mon, I've confirmed with the housing folks that whoever takes over the reservation can shorten the stay if desired.

You can contact me via email: [email protected]

Posted by glory

I will take it! E-mail sent!


Posted by squirecam

I'll take it if glory fails to deliver.

Posted by aeythreval

It looks like glory will be getting it - yay for her and sorry to the others - wish I had more to give!

Posted by glory

All set! Thank you! I owe you a beer!

Posted by dansomeone

Can you (OP) please change the thread title to indicate that the room is no longer available? Thanks.

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