Hilton Garden Downtown King for Trade
Posted by keppy

My Bro had the best reservation time of our group of four but he rolled a critical failure on his reservation and landed a single King bed for Thursday through Sunday.

The room is downtown at the Hilton Garden Inn but we are looking for a trade to a double room.

Let me know if you have anything available!

I set up an email account for responses: [email protected]


Posted by fate1316

Hi. I don't have a room to trade, but I would be interested in this room if it becomes available.

Posted by keppy

Still Searching for a trade partner...

Posted by aehrlon

I might be interested; have Wed through Sat (two Double Beds) @ the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center-Indy Waterfront Pkwy.  It's about 10 miles out; sorry if that's a deal-breaker.  Only $119 per night, 4 nights (Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sat) Free Parking.  Let me know if you wish to trade.

Posted by aehrlon

Bump. My res is further out but has 2 Double Beds, might suit your needs better...

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