How to give a block reservation to another?
Posted by ckell

I have a block reservation.  I have a friend I want to give it to.  How do I get the reservation transferred to another person?

Posted by aldctjoc

There's a section of the housing and travel page that deals with this, but one of the admins here broke it down this way for me when I asked:

Basically, the person who now has the room calls and gives them the name of the person who will be calling next, who will take the room. Then the person taking the room calls and gives them a credit card number.

The "them" in this case is the Call Center staff you'd reach at their phone number in the Housing and Travel page. And that is the basic breakdown. The actual paragraph from the page reads:
Attendees can make reservations changes, including change of hotel and/or room type, online or by calling the Call Center for assistance at 317 688 1323. Reservation modifications involving a change of guest names do not transfer financial responsibility from the original reservation holder to another guest unless the credit card billing information is also updated. Upon updating the credit card information, the new cardholder will become financially liable for the cancellation fee or room deposit, whichever is applicable.Reservations holders are personally responsible for changes they make online. We do not recommend giving other attendees access to your reservation or billing information. If you would like to transfer your reservation to another convention attendees, please contact the Call Center for agent assistance.


Hope that helps!

Posted by brotherbock

It is just as easy as it sounds, too. Very low stress. 

Posted by aehrlon

It does seem quite easy.  I called yesterday to ask if there were any downtown rooms available that might not have made it onto the list (online).  I was told that when someone cancels a reservation & does not transfer it to someone else that it goes back out for someone else to claim in pretty much real time.  So if you're online, watching & refreshing you have a chance to catch a downtown room when/if it becomes available.  Sadly, it seems to me that sometimes these rooms downtown (within 6 blocks are often split up to others who have wait-listed "shoulder-nights").  And it also helps to uncheck the box "Show only available rooms"; I did this and saw a room 4 blocks out pop up that otherwise I would not have seen... not sure why or how it worked this way.  Just a head's up on that...  Good luck everyone.
EDIT: I did manage to score a Sheraton Room 4 Blocks from GenCon... would like to be closer but it sure beats being 10 miles out from the lottery that I had.  Anyhow, rooms do come open, just be patient!

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