Transferring a Room
Posted by cass.christopher

Can anyone tell me how to transfer a room? I managed to pick one up through the housing portal but had found something out of block much closer. Now a friend of mine wants the room I booked through the portal but I have no idea how to go about doing that.

Posted by jedibcg

Call Q-Rooms and the can arrange it.  I did it couple years ago.  You call, then your friend calls.  Wasn't too difficult.

Posted by cass.christopher

Will they need to call immediately after? Trying to arrange it over two time zones and our jobs to get it straight lol

Posted by jedibcg

Not certain about that, but I don't remember to be honest.

Posted by glory

It's best if they can all right after you (and if you get the name of the person you chatted with so your friend can ask for him/her). But it theoretically shouldnt matter if they call a couple hours later.

You (the one with the booking) will need the following information: 

  • Name
  • Badge Number
  • Hotel Reservation Number (on the My Housing page)
  • Your friend's name
  • Your friend's e-mail

Your Friend will need the following information: 

  • Name
  • Badge Number
  • Your friend will also need his Hotel Reservation Number (on the My Housing page - everyone has one that has purchased a badge so that Gen Con knows you're able to book a hotel room).  

To Transfer the Room: 

  1. Call Q-rooms and give them the scoop with all that information.

    1. Ask that the reservation be COMPLETELY MOVED OVER TO YOUR FRIEND'S BADGE.  I hate to say it, but Q-rooms is kind of crappy. My husband transferred a reservation to his friend and it still shows under my husband's badge even though it's in friend's name. But when I transferred a reservation to my name from someone else it is now completely under my name. So there are two ways of going about this and you want the way in which it's completely disconnected from your badge number. 

  2. Have your friend call Q-rooms and complete the reservation by giving all of his info (he will also need HIS hotel reservation number located in his My Housing page. He will have one of these even if he doesn't already have a reservation because this is what Gen Con uses to check that you have a badge and are able to make a reservation for housing).
  3. You should then get an e-mail from Q-rooms noting the change and then within 24 hours it should be removed from your My Housing page and appear on your friend's My Housing page.

I hope this helps! 

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