Sheraton City Center -- First one gets it
Posted by ckell

I have a Deluxe Double/Double in block at the Sheraton City Center for $218/night Wed. Aug. 3 - Sun. Aug. 6.  I will transfer the room to you through the housing portal customer service.

ckell at charter dot net

Posted by krocause

is this connected to the convention center? now far away is it?

Posted by bigdm

I will take it. I sent you an email.

Posted by krocause

nevermind, thank you though

Posted by onelittlemoment

Interested, if still available.

Posted by ckell

Sorry folks, the room was gone in 15 minutes.  Good luck in your search.

Posted by brotherbock

Just going to idly wish that people would read other posts of people looking specifically for rooms when they have one the one I posted earlier looking specifically for a double-double. Why put out a general call for people to respond when responding to another post would have found you a definite taker?

Oh well.

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