Want: two-queen in-block downtown room. Have: in-block King at Hilton Garden downtown (on the Circle)
Posted by brotherbock

EDIT: All done here, a swap had been found :) 

Hi all.

My group has a downtown in-block room, but it's a King, and we're hoping to land a room with two beds for the four of us. We need it to be in-block (for GM reimbursement) and downtown. Connected is not necessary.

We have a king room at the Hilton Garden, on the Monument Circle downtown. Easy walking distance, comparable to Sheraton, Columbia Club. It's $200/night.

Let me know. If you've got one or two people, this might be a cheaper room than the one you're sitting on :)

Posted by brotherbock

Posted by katyspray

Glad we could work this out, Brother! I look forward to seeing you at the con! 

Posted by brotherbock

Me too, thanks a lot. :) 

Swap has been made. 

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