Sheraton Dbl Dbl Aug 2-Aug 8
Posted by gswest

I have a reservation at Sheraton City Center for a Dbl Dbl from Tuesday Aug 2 to Monday Aug 8. This hotel is not connected to the convention center BUT it does have two beds. I am looking to trade this room for a connected King (Marriott, JW, Westin, Hyatt). Please note the dates for the reservation before repsonding. As an aside, keep the faith if you haven't been able to pick up a room. I got this just by regualrly checking housing portal. My advice is...if you find ANY room downtown take it and then try to trade into the type of room you would like.

Posted by brotherbock

Just FYI, if that's an in-block reservation, the extra dates won't matter. Dropping days from a reservation in the system is no charge. So anyone would be able to use that room, and just drop the days they don't need.

Good luck!

Posted by gswest

Good to know!

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