Buying an event ticket for someone else?
Posted by shadeturret

Can the "another ticket for myself" purchasing option be used to get a ticket for a friend?

Posted by aaronr

It certainly can!

Posted by austicke

Of course. What else would you do with two tickets?

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Posted by armadilloal

For the record, any ticket can be used by pretty much anyone with a badge.  The name usually only comes into play if you need to refund the ticket, since they'll only give the refund to the person that actually purchased the ticket in the first place.

Posted by braewe

But to be clear, since we've done this, if say, Sarah gives me her ticket that she can't use for True Dungeon, and I already had one, so I give Sarah's to Fred, so we both can go and then decide later that neither of us are going to go after all, so we wait in line, both tickets can be refunded(they are refunded via the original purchase method) then I get refunded for the one I bought, Sarah gets the refund for the one she bought, and Fred, who may or may not have paid $$ for his, gets nothing.

All minus the 5% fee of course, and before the thirty minute to event time.

It can be quite handy, saving the original purchaser the hassle.

Posted by shadeturret

Thanks for all the help everyone!

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