New Attendee question finding game teachers!
Posted by gcaban

Hey everyone!

I am really hoping to make the most of my first trip to Gencon. It has been on my bucket list ever since I learned of its existence. I am hoping to dedicate a good portion of time to learning games. 

Is there a place one can go if they have specific games that they want taught to them that are not new/demos  (ie - Cry Havoc, Dominant Species, Mage Knight, A Feast for Odin).

Or do you have to hope there is an event scheduled to teach the game?

Posted by aaronmlopez

If you don't find an actual event, you may find copies of some of those in the Games Library to use where you may find some people willing to teach you how to play. Or you may find some open gaming in and around the convention where you can watch/join in as well. 

Posted by jtzell

What is it that your looking to learn how to play? Maybe someone here might be able to help

Posted by buttcabbge

I will say this is #1 on my list of events I wish were more prevalent--scheduled sessions to teach popular games that aren't necessarily brand spanking new. I always very much enjoy them when I get to do them (shout out to CGE, by the way, who run very good versions of this type of event--had a lot of fun learning Tzolk'in last year). Have yet to do one that wasn't worth the two bucks or whatever.

Posted by bakermouse10133

Some companies have a room where they teach all of their games, Rio Grande and Mayfair I believe.

Rio Grands room is stocked with most if not all of their titles, has volunteers teaching, and sometimes snacks! 

Mayfair room has shorter hours (i think) never been in this one personally.

You might look into the Board Game Geek room they had a smaller library of a variety of games, but it would be hit or miss if you could get someone to teach you.

I would say your best bet would be to contact the publisher and see if there is an event. Though I know some popular titles have a large following that is run by other groups (munchkin, is one that comes to mind). 

Posted by gcaban jtzell

jtzell wrote:
What is it that your looking to learn how to play? Maybe someone here might be able to help
Oh dear...the list is long so I am obiviously not expecting anyone to teach all or even most of these.

These are all games that are not being released at or near Gencon.

-A Feast for Odin
-Dominant Species
-Star Wars Rebellion
-Mage Knight
-Robinson Crusoe
-Star Trek Ascendancy
-War of the Ring

-Horus Heresy (FFG)

Portal Games
-Cry Havoc
-Imperial Settlers
-51st State 

My recent research has turned up that all the Portal Games games except Robinson Crusoe do have demos running throughout the weekend, so that is great. The first five represent games I really want to try and have not found official demos for.

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