Desperately Searching for GM Badges
Posted by attorneydc

I'm a long-time gamer going back to the early days of D&D and have spent virtually all of my time as a DM/GM.  My career makes it difficult to plan ahead for events like this.  I have an opening on my summer schedule that lets me attend GenCon.  But the problem is that badges are now sold out.So I'm wondering if for the systems listed in the title of this message anyone can give me 1 or 2 badges (would like to bring my 20 year-old son who's home from college if possible) in exchange for working as a GM on such events as the badge assigners may need.Please let me know.  [email protected] in addition to responding here in this forum.Systems familiar with:  AD&D (1E), 2E, 3.5E, and Pathfinder.  Could also do 4E if really needed but I spent the least time using that system.Thanks!

Posted by mvotruba

This late in the game I think you'd have better luck contacting the companies/organizations directly.  I would try Baldman Games for D&D and Pathfinder opportunities.  Again, kinda late, but you may have a chance.

Alternatively, perhaps some vendor still has need of a demo representative (or two in your case), in which case you can run demos in the Exhibit Hall.

Lastly, I think Friday badges are still available (at the time I write this), so at least you guys can get in for one day.

Whatever you decide, I hope you & your son are able to attend.

Posted by attorneydc

Thanks Voice of Reason.  I have emailed baldman.

Posted by jtzell

I also had heard the CoolStuffInc may be in need. You may want to ping them also

Posted by mvotruba attorneydc

attorneydc wrote:
Thanks Voice of Reason.  I have emailed baldman.
Hey there,
Just wanted to check and see if you managed to work something out...hoping to hear a "happy ending" to your situation.

Posted by jeffclarkjr

Thanks Voice of Reason.  You are very kind.  I was put in touch with a GenCon coordinator who has arranged for me to do some 5E GMing.  So things have worked out miraculously well!  Thanks for asking!

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