Lost Badge With Attendence Sellout
Posted by wendel

With the convention sellout I am hoping a Gen Con administrator can answer my question.

If someone had purchased a badge and unfortunately forgot to bring it to the convention, or lost their badge during the convention. With providing proper ID, would that person be able to repurchase their badge onsite?

Looking forward to a fantastic convention!

Posted by austicke

Yes, they can.

Alec Usticke, Unofficial Gen Con Indy Facebook Discussion Group

Posted by wendel

Great, thanks Alec.
My badge is already packed, now I just need to remember my briefcase.

Posted by stiehle

I saw this in another thread here, posted by Mike Boozer, so it's official and take special note of the bolded text (bolded by Mike Boozer) at the end.  

Here is the policy:
Lost & Misplaced Badges & Event Tickets
We cannot replace lost, stolen or forgotten badges and/or event tickets. Please be responsible with your convention materials. Lost, stolen or forgotten items must be repurchased at full cost. It is recommended you check with the Gen Con Show Office to see if your materials have been turned in to Lost & Found before buying new materials. Gen Con LLC assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen or forgotten materials.Gen Con LLC is not responsible for items lost in the mail (via the U.S. Postal Service) or items marked “delivered” by the USPS tracking system. If you chose to have your items shipped via USPS, we will reprint your badge and event tickets, as long as the USPS site lists your package as “lost” or not yet delivered. If you chose USPS and the package is listed as “delivered”, you will be responsible for purchasing a new badge and any associated tickets. Any returned mail will be available for pick-up at the Will Call kiosk onsite.

To be clear you can repurchase items that are lost, stolen, or forgotten. They are still in the system. We will replace USPS items if they are marked "lost" by the USPS, or if they were not delivered. If they are returned to us you can pick them up at the Will Call kiosk onsite.

Mike Boozer
Customer Service & Event Team Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by wendel

Excellent, thanks stiehle.

Posted by stiehle

I was actually VERY glad to find that one myself.  I kept having images of my badge and tickets getting lost or forgotten somehow and crying in my beer over the days of August 17-20.  At least the only sad part is I'd have to pay for them again!  Not great, but better than the unthinkable alternative...

Posted by garhkal

THIS is why i always opt for Will-call..  So i don't have to worry about my badge/tickets getting lost in the mail, having a room mate throw them out etc..

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