2017 Quiet Room!
Posted by ladyanaka

Hey there! Just as a reminder, the Quiet Room is going to be at ICC 211 this year. We'll be open from 10-6 Th-Sa, and 10-3 Su. We're also interested to know if it might be useful to have it open a little earlier for 2018, so if you use the quiet room, feel free to let the attendant know if earlier morning hours would be helpful. Let us know if you have any questions, and we look forward to seeing you!

Posted by kaliena

To clarify, hours are 10AM to 6 PM Thursday through Saturday, and 10AM to 3PM on Sunday?

Also, please make sure that you spread the word the quiet room isn't for fussy babies and children having tantrums. I've seen a few well meaning people in other locations (Reddit, etc) suggest taking upset children to the quiet room and I'm afraid of the ruckus of having to turn away frazzled parents with frazzled children. 


Posted by ladyanaka

Yes. And the attendants will make sure that families who can't be quiet are moved outside. The quiet room is useful for overstimulated kids to have a moment to rest, but not if the acting out continues into the quiet room itself. 

Posted by microwench

Awesome! So happy to see this! 

Many many thanks to whoever organizes this.  I didn't actually use the room last year myself, but did come and hang out in the blissfully quiet designated area outside the room.  Was fantastic to have some quiet time to recharge.

Posted by elylightbringer

Yeah, I would love for it to be open earlier and later. I'm here with friends who are here before and after my events and I was hoping to be able to go in the to introvert while I wait. 

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