Gen Con Program
Posted by pinheadjo

Just downloaded the Gen Con 50 Program online. 300+ pages of awesomeness. NOW...I...AM...READY...TO...GO!

Posted by delgrieve

Hmmm. Can't locate it.  

Can you post a link?

Posted by caitcreates

Posted by hoppities

Can these be picked up anywhere?

Posted by grizzly73

Ok the next 5 days of work is really going to suffer...

Posted by stiehle

Do they give these out to everyone at Gen Con itself?  At the will call window or as  you enter into the ICC? Or do you pay for them like programs at sporting events?  Definitely want to get my hands on a color version in any case.

Posted by jedikitty

They're free and will be stacked in little kiosks all over the place and volunteers also hand them out to people. :)

Posted by kaliena

The supply runs out REALLY fast on Wed and Thursday. It was probably late Thursday before I snagged a program in 2015 and 2013.  Was it any better in 2016?

Posted by aaronmlopez

I grabbed one Wednesday evening, but they ran out for the day. More were delivered on Thursday morning. I think this was probably planned - just putting out stacks periodically throughout the Con. 

Posted by kiyote

Oh noes, I peeked in the guide.  Adrian is retiring?  Oh, man.

Posted by kiyote

Also, I hope the PDF is pre-press and got updated before being run.  All of the Marketing Fellowship recipient blurbs end with their location as "Entepreneurs’ Avenue Booth #XXXX"

Posted by austicke kiyote

kiyote wrote:Adrian is retiring?  Oh, man.

Yes, it was announced a few months ago.

Posted by kiyote

What rock have I been living under?  Derp.

Posted by kochy1313

Excuse me while i slack off for the rest of the day...


Posted by gpeters35

I am not able to use that link. Anyone else having issues?

Posted by jrfurna

Looks like they took down the link

Posted by david campbell jrfurna

jrfurna wrote:
Looks like they took down the link

Could be it got out into the wild a little early.. I first saw the link on Reddit and thought it was odd it was out so early and without an announcement.

Posted by deadsaidfred

Link is working again...

Posted by kiyote

Still no booth numbers on the Marketing Fellowship page.  Appears to be the same file.

Posted by marimaccadmin kiyote

kiyote wrote:
Still no booth numbers on the Marketing Fellowship page.  Appears to be the same file.

Yes, that is a known issue.

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