Guys what is up?
Posted by fatherofone

Guys anyone have an explanation.  It seems sad that someone would not at least respond to this guy.

Posted by hawkeye

This stinks, hopefully someone can get in touch with him and clear this up.

Posted by armadilloal

I'm surprised he would even be given one in the first place, especially five days before the convention, right as Customer Service is packing up to head to the convention itself.  He's one of the biggest rabble-rousers in the Magic community and the quickest to play the victim card when things don't go his way.  

Posted by stiehle

Don't know the guy myself, and the situation stinks if his version of the story is true.  That said, this video only shows one side of the story, and we really have no idea what factors went into Gen Con's decision.

Posted by caitcreates

Last I heard, all Gen Con staff were in transit to Indianapolis. If he is patient, he may hear back from them soon. Also, he didn't buy a 4-day pass because he was promised a press pass?  But he wasn't given a press pass until a few days ago?  I'm confused...

Posted by lord thrifty the cromulent

What happened?  It said that the video is no longer available.

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