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Posted by dlaffoon0

So I am super bummed... I spent not a lot of money and ordered ahead of time a shirt that was perfect for my character. My costume came together quite nicely and was really excite to share in a group costume with my girlfriend. 

Well, in the wash, a day before I am leaving to Indie, a pen ended up in the washer with my nice white tunic. I am painstakingly trying to remove the stains as I write this. (To no avail) 

Would anyone happen to have an extra Medium-Large sized tunic that I could borrow or buy on Thursday? I am running an event that night and would really like to have this costume for it. 

Posted by bakermouse10133

I don't but have you tried woolite? It got pen out of white shirt for me.

I poured a bit on the stain, rub it in, rinse, repeat. you might even try adding some baking soda on top of the soap for extra scrubbing power.

Good Luck!

Posted by dlaffoon0

I have done about 5 rounds of submerging in bleach - washing with bleach. It is slowly fading. my shirt might still be a little pink but it might get to the point where it is wearable. 

Also my skin might fall off due to the amount of bleach...

Posted by tdb

Spray it down with hair spray and wash it again.  I used to work in a printing facility, and it works pretty well.  You do have to soak it pretty thoroughly. Check progress after the wash, but before you put it in the dryer, and repeat as needed.


Posted by bakermouse10133 dlaffoon0

dlaffoon0 wrote:
Also my skin might fall off due to the amount of bleach...
Extra effect? maybe work that into the character? 


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