Last One Out, Turn Off the Lights
Posted by mvotruba

I'm surprised that I haven't seen this thread pop up yet.

This will be the last time I check the Gen Con forums.  I'm off to get some sleep before an early flight to Indy.

I wish everyone on their way to Gen Con SAFE TRAVELS.  I hope everyone has a super and memorable Gen Con 50!

Last one out, please get the lights.

Posted by leswhittaker

See you there.  Hey, you got my $5?

Posted by dlaffoon0

Hey, you also owe me $5. settle your debts man. 

Posted by david campbell

On my way from Buffalo in ten minutes.

everyone have a safe trip!

Posted by rhone1

Ah, I forgot to start this one yesterday.

Made it here on Monday. 

Indy is looking good, my friends!

Posted by kerensky_3050

I live in South Indy, I have an early morning commute to the ICC Thursday lol

Posted by hawkeye

Leaving from Syracuse, NY in about 2 hours. Will most likely spend the night somewhere in OH if I start falling asleep. See everyone there.

Posted by whisper721

GENCON IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by whisper721


Posted by yooperjer1

Hey!!!  Turn those back on, someone is still in here!

Posted by andrewj.rager

*Spends 3 VP to purchase night vision googles*

Posted by brion

The first of our convoy doesn't start driving until Wednesday at 4pm, keep the lights on!

Posted by njseahawksfan

Printed my boarding passes.  Will be wheels up in 20 hours.....

Posted by crusader77

Leaving from Buffalo in T-minus 15 1/2 Hours...Should be there early afternoon Wed. Safe Travels Everyone!!!!

Posted by lord thrifty the cromulent

Leave at 7 AM Thursday morning!  Or possible 1 PM Wednesday.  Or possibly 3 PM Wednesday.  Can't make up my mind.

Posted by jlawry86

God speed, and safe travels to everyone here.

I'm staying with family about 15 minutes away from the ICC, so I'll be kicking my feet up and thinking of you tonight. :)

Posted by andrewj.rager

I don't leave until tomorrow morning, but this is probably the last time I am checking the forums. Travel safe all. Lets all have an amazing con.

Posted by inari

Leaving at 2am tonight/tomorrow morning...however you want to look at it.  Have to be there in time for some gaming at Scotty's!  Excited!!  

Posted by thepumaman

Departing Yellowstone this evening!

Posted by nascragman

Hey, what're you kids still doin' in here?  We're shutting this all down fer da weekend dontcha know.

Say yer goodbyes and then go play games, fer chryss sakes

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