Will Call line, early in the day?
Posted by gamerdork

Has anyone experience the Will Call line fairly/very early on Thursday morning, say 6 am ish? Just curious if it might be considerably quicker than Wednesday. (I understand if moves quickly and is efficient, but 5-10 minutes, for example, would still be preferable to 20 or 30+.

thanks for any insight, and happy gaming!

Posted by ryanjamison

You'll be fine at that time. The peak hours for Will Call will likely be Wednesday evening and Thursday mid to late-morning, since these are the times that most people are arriving in Indy and checked into their hotels.

Posted by lord thrifty the cromulent

I still can't make up my mind.  I can hop over there right when Will Call opens, but then I'd probably have to stay late at work.  But if I went after work, around 3 or 4, they say that's peak time.

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