Opening/Closing times?
Posted by benares180

I've looked for several minutes but I can't find the hours for each day. I must suck at searching and missed them. Or gencon likes to hide them well. Not in the FAQs. Or any page so far.
Anyone know what they are or where to find them?

Posted by roderick

Hours for what? The Convention center is open 24 hours, other venues and locations have different hours. 

Posted by ryanjamison

Attend > Attendee FAQ > Policies & Show Info > "Show Hours"

Posted by bakermouse10133

The dealer hall has hours 10-5 each day I think.
Auction/ consignment room may also close around 6?

But the convention center is open 24 hours . You will see a lot of games running in Halls A-E, in hallways, & hotel lobby's  all day and night long. 

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