Gen Con 50 Hard Rock Cafe Pin?
Posted by bonham

Not sure exactly where this post fit, so it goes here for now.

So, apparently the Hard Rock Cafe pins sold out before the con really even started.

Anyone have a spare or know where I could get one without parting with any limbs?

Posted by dragongears

The Hard Rock pins were very unimpressive. It was basically a female Green Lantern type character with no mention of Gen Con on it.

Posted by bonham

Yeah, I finally at least found a picture of it. Not really impressive in the first place, let alone for the 50th.

Posted by bith

That's because it's a hard rock convention pin, not a GenCon pin.  Hardrock doesn't license *any* of the convention names, and all of their convention pins this year are green lantern themed. 


Posted by bonham

Except that the HRC has actually released pins that do say Gen Con on them...

Posted by sockarang

HRC usually has a Gencon pin (we collect them). This year they did not. That generic green lantern girl with the number 71 on her chest was their generic "comic con" pin. The 71 by the way stands for when HRC first opened. 

The pin literally had nothing to do with Gencon this year which is sad because in previous years, their Gencon pins have been awesome! 

Posted by sockarang

Btw, if you still want that Green Laternish pin, we were told that you could go to almost any HRC in America and buy it. 

Posted by bonham

Nah, there was really nothing special about it.  Just disappointing considering it was the 50th. Maybe HRC just didn't 'get the memo' so to speak.

Posted by mferna01

Boo. I missed out on it. I need to check secondary markets to get one. 

And yes, HRC doesn't really do a Gen Con PIN set. They have a Themed Pin or Pin set. they had only had once year (i believe it was on 2011) which the HRC pin in INDY had the Gen Con logo on them. I think this was the only time HCR and Gen Con were able to work out an agreement about puting the Gen Con logo on the HCR Pin. ANyway, I just collect them and I have all of them since 2003, except for this one as I was not able to attend, and my friend couldnt get a hold of one. By the time she was there, they were all gone. If anyone has an extra one they are willing to part with, please let me know. Thanks

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