Horrible Exhibit Hall Announcements
Posted by joelf847

Consider this a complaint about the near constant loud speaker announcements in the exhibit hall.  It totally makes sense to announce the hall is closing in 10 minutes.  The rest are pretty much disruptive ads for specific companies, and made every single conversation, game demo, etc. in the hall come to a screeching halt.  

Please stop using these announcements going forward, think of your customers first.

Posted by tdb

I totally agree.  Next year, please at least turn the volume down to 11. Cutting down the frequency by about half would be good too.

Posted by gospeedbarry

I agree, the announcements were too loud and you couldn't understand what was being said. 

Posted by david campbell

It's a complete stop for the 30 seconds. I understand it's probably a revenue stream; please try to make it up somewhere else? Call it a 'No Paid Announcements" tax and add it to my badge or something...:)


Posted by bonham

Frequency didn't catch my attention, but I will 2nd that they were quite loud.

Posted by galahadkoa


*oh great here we go again*

Posted by alans

Waaaay to much and loud this year

Posted by braewe

As someone who did a LOT of demos. Please.please.please. put these somewhere else. C'mon. You literally COULD NOT COMMUNICATE until it was finished. The only useful ones were for when the hall was closing and those weren't consistent! 

Posted by gencon322198


Posted by lore seeker

Agreed. Very annoying to hear the loudspeakers as often as I did, especially when (like someone else said) it was basically advertising.

Posted by rogersba

Every vendor I was talking with during an announcement looked incredibly annoyed, not grateful.

Posted by mvotruba

+1  I had to stop mid conversation to wait for the noise to pass.  It was annoying, not helpful, as others have already pointed out, near impossible to understand.

Posted by fatherofone


Posted by jedikitty

Definitely not pleasant!

Same thing happened at Indy PopCon this year so I was feeling twice the "ugh not this again".

Posted by ascantla

Same as everyone. Time basically had to stop while you waited for the announcement to end. Was more of a "well now I'm not going to that booth/event". So had the opposite effect if you paid for the advertising.

Posted by njseahawksfan

As a person who ran demos, the announcements were just as awful for us too.  All of the exhibitors that I've dealt with *loathe* the announcements.

Posted by swaller

Yeah, my booth staff had no end of complaints about it interrupting their demos (both the ones they were giving as well as the ones they were trying to do at other booths), and I didn't get a chance to demo anyone else's game without it interrupting us. It definitely had a measurable negative affect on my ability to engage folks interested in my game as well as my ability to engage folks interested in sharing their game.

Posted by lordnlkon

Yup please get rid of it and if that is not possible turn it down and less frequent. Really made being in the dealer hall annoying. 

Posted by hahnarama

Does anyone remember the FFG announcement from 2004 or 2005? They had a giant plane in their booth, every 20-30 minutes the ENTIRE hall was hit with the sound of a dive bomber. Now that was annoying 

Posted by bigkid71

These announcements were entirely too frequent and too loud. Please reduce both issues.

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