My son lost his backpack on Friday.
Posted by benicetodan

It was a blue backpack with a framed picture of a phoenix and some pokemon cards inside. We think he may have left it in the training grounds area in the exhibit hall. It never got turned in to Lost and Found, and I've called the convention center security lost & found twice since then and it still hasn't turned up. Please, if you've found it, send me a message.

Posted by hahnarama

I don't think it was lost, sounds like some SCUMBAG stole it.  A fellow gamer would have turned it in already. 

Sorry this ruined your GenCon

Posted by benicetodan

I'm afraid of that as well, but still hopeful.  It sucks because that painting isn't really valuable to anyone but my son. I could care less about the stupid pokemon cards and the backpack, but I'd give my left thumb to get that painting back.

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