Generic tickets vs 'tokens'
Posted by garhkal

Many years now, i've been attending both Gencon and Origins.. and one thing i really love that Origins does, is rather than print out paper 'generic' tickets like regular event tickets, they have Poker chip like Tokens that are generics, with larger ones marking for 10 generics..
Has gencon ever thought of going to those sort of tokens??

Posted by tdb

Interesting idea!  Does Origins create new tokens each year?  If so I could see them becoming a collectible item. 

Posted by garhkal

Some times yes they have done collectable item tokens.  Most years they are the same from what i saw the first few years they did it, the last 2 though, they did mark them specifically for that year, imo so they could avoid people buying up dozens of them, not using them and using them the following year..

Posted by jimtullis

I don't see a point to this other than the tokens being cool and a bag full would be very D&D.

It seems like there would be a lot material used that would then need to be recycled.
Tokens aren't as easily carried as paper tickets (heavier and bulkier and needing a bag).
Having tokens for generics and tickets for registered games involves two completely different logistics streams.

I would support allowing people to preorder some generic tokens, but I can't support making everyone use them. I wouldn't want them.

Posted by nascragman

Tokens sound really cool.  But GenCon can't keep the money from unused tokens on their books from year to year.  So they'd have to be year specific.  They'd have to produce a new batch every year - that's a much larger expense than printing tickets.  And they'd be a lot harder to handle.  Nascrag get a lot of generics.  I'm not sure I want to haul around great clinking bags of tokens everywhere.


Posted by aquabunny

That also seems annoying from a mailing perspective - both sending them to attendees, and GMs sending them to Seattle post-con for reconciliation.

Posted by garhkal

Maybe Origins can get away with it cause they are much smaller than gencon..

Oh well, was a thought.

Posted by boc_mage

Isn't the point of tokens for Origins generics so they can be used year to year and not expire like paper does (if not turned back in by Sun)? Been a few years since i did Origins more than to just work the show for someone.   

Posted by garhkal

I will have to check.  I know some of those years the tokens were only good for that year...  Others were usable year to year..

Posted by monkeyknifefight garhkal

garhkal wrote:
I will have to check.  I know some of those years the tokens were only good for that year...  Others were usable year to year..
This year they specifically announced they were good year to year. In the past they had distinctly different tokens and you weren't supposed to be able to use ones from years past. The other thing I like is when you return them you get cash back instead of just credit.

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