Paizo Starfinder Core Rules PDF
Posted by edward_49

I was one of the lucky ones who bought a Starfinder Core Rulebook on Thursday, from the Grab-and-go booth outside the Sagamore ballroom before they sold out.  They asked if I wanted to add the PDF, and I said yes, gave my email, and was on my way in no time (relatively speaking).

I still have not seen the PDF in my email (checked spam too!) or my account.

Just curious if others bought the PDF, and if you received it yet.

I sent email the other day to Paizo, but have not heard back.  I'm not sure if they are still recovering from GenCon, or if I should have expected it to arrive already.


Posted by jhs

I can't check now, but I thought you had to log onto their storefront to get the pdf. It will be there under your email address.

Posted by edward_49

Just a follow-up:  I wound up calling Paizo customer support, and they found the transaction, and added the PDF to my account!  They were in fact just a bit backed up getting to it.

A+ to Paizo!

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