"Accidents happen": Confession of the person who accidentally caused the Georgia St. evacuation.
Posted by aldctjoc

Turns out the Georgia Street food truck and patron evac on Saturday of the Con was indeed due to a briefcase accidentally left behind. If the story at this link is true, then thankfully the poor fellow got treated well and fairly by the police.


" I realized I had left my leather briefcase, containing my decks for a tournament later that evening, at the food court when eating lunch. After sitting at the base of the lamp post and eating my gyro, I had spotted my friends sitting at a nearby table and forgot I had set down my briefcase to begin with...

... When we got back, the cop yelling orders asked me what was in the briefcase. When I said "cards," he speculated they probably would have made it all the way to the roof of the nearby church building (if the bomb squad had continued with their detonation of it).

I apologized, they said accidents happened and happily sent me on my way.

...  if you were trying to get a bite to eat mid-afternoon on Saturday and found yourself roped off from the food truck area, you have my apologies."

Thankfully, everyone was level-headed about it, including the police. But, I do wonder if the poor guy's friends were needling him mercilessly about it after it happened. God knows my friends would've if it would've been me. :D

Posted by lore seeker

So THAT'S what was going on. I didn't even know what was happening, I was just told (walking back from the Union Station hotel after a game) that I had to find an alternate path into the ICC.

Posted by matthias9

Lol.  Yeah, if that had happened to one of my friends, we'd totally never mention it again...

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