Your new Forum Moderator
Posted by vickers1

That's too bad. Your beard (and yourself) shall be missed

Posted by roderick

Uh, no, I probably will be at the Station.

That corner of the city has been my home since I started as a Captain for Gen Con, 12 years ago. Before we used the Station, I was the only GC presence at the Crowne Plaza, and one year I had the Crowne, Station, and Omni - solo!  I was kept hopping that year. After that I was given some staff, which was awfully nice, so I had someone to talk to...

Posted by eternusiv

My first hangout too.  11 years ago.  Love it.

glad to have you man.

should get a little crazier in here soon....

Posted by spicer

Are we there yet?

Posted by roderick

No. And don't whine for a bath room, either. I told you to go before we left.

Posted by spicer

See you soonish brother.

Posted by roderick

Just about a week (and a few hours). 

Posted by ericnelson roderick

roderick wrote:
Hello Forumites!
With Marian moving to Gen Con Corporate, her job precludes her from moderating the forums as she did in the past, so I was chosen to take over the major moderation duties, but don’t worry, Marian will still be keeping her hand in.
I’ve been a Captain for Gen Con for the past 12 years, in charge of the Union Station for the last 8 years, so if you’ve been down to the Station, you’ve probably seen me – the long-haired, grey-bearded guy at the front desk.  I’m a game designer, editor, and layout guy, half-owner of Pulp Action Library and shareholder in DunDraCon, a California games convention. I live in the Sierra foothills of California, near Yosemite; so remote, we don’t even get mail service to the house.
I’m happy to be working with Gen Con to make these the best darn forums for the Best Four Days in Gaming!
Roderick Robertson
Forum Coordinator; Gen Con, LLC.
Well met Roderick the Moderator!

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