How long to register and cash out from the auction?
Posted by knuteski

I've been going to Gen Con for over 25 years but I've never put anything into the auction.  The biggest reason is it seems like there's a crazy long line each Wednesday to check-in/register your items and a crazy long line on Sunday to cash out.  

So, for those that have done this, how long do both of the processes take?

Posted by jeff321

It's not as bad now because they make everyone pre-register all items on the website.  Last year for me it was about 20 minutes for check-in, and 10 minutes to cash out Sunday.  No problem at all.

Posted by turbostar

I only have experience with doing it once prior, but from what I recall the line to register items for the auction wasn't bad at all on Weds.  I just came in and filled out my forms and walked out.  Perhaps I got lucky?  There were a few others also filling out forms, but it wasn't a very long wait.

For cashing out, I never did it.  I actually didn't think the items I put in were worth anything so I never stopped back to pick up my goodies.  I was pleasantly surprised a few weeks later when I got a check in the mail!  I think that is the best way to do it, unless you are expecting big money from your items.  :)


Posted by knuteski

Oh sweet...that's what I'll do then...submit everything and then just forget about it until the money rolls in.

Posted by catullus

Where is the auction?  Does it still exist?  Who is running it?  Do we need to get a "bid card" as in the past?

Posted by austicke

Catullus, see here.

Posted by cptmusket

One thing to remember is that, in the past, you had to have your badge to drop off your items.  Last year I didn't submit anything, but in years prior they wouldn't let me drop off without a badge.  That's one reason I am having mine shipped to me this year, so I don't have to wait in line for badge registration, then wait in line with everyone at the auction drop off spot!

I love the auction, after missing it for my first 6 years it has become one of my favorite things at Gen Con.

Posted by ewobrak

When time and day do you drop off games for the auction??

Posted by divachelle

Is there any way that the store section be set up in a way that allows better/equal disability accessibility? The narrowness of the aisles and the overall layout didn't allow room for someone in a wheelchair or scooter to shop unhindered or unassisted. 
The gentleman managing the line very kindly offered to pause the line so I could go in by myself, but it didn't seem right to prevent others from shopping so I could browse.  

Posted by nscott

If the game library is moving to Lucas Oil Stadium, then perhaps the auction could move to their previous space? It looks about 20% larger on the map of the ICC from last years program.

Posted by quarex

I think it is the Auction's lot in Gen-Con life to always be in a space too small for its true glory.

Posted by wells

In 2015 I had less than 10 items. It took about 45 minutes to get through the wait to check them in on Wednesday afternoon. They were pre-registered, of course. This is just how long it took for an auction employee to be free to take them.

I didn't try and collect at the end, my check arrived several weeks later in the mail.

Posted by falloner

A few tips for folks who want to speed through the line for item drop-off and cash out:

1. Have your con badge mailed to you so you can skip the line at will-call on Wed. You will not be allowed to drop off your items without a valid badge for this years con.

2. Consider using an auction 'waiver'. Normally, you wait in line and a friendly auction volunteer will check in your items one by one to make sure that you have everything set up correctly, (correct tags on each item, not putting a 1st edition DM guide in the shop for $5).  If you are confident that you have entered everything correctly during preregistration, you can simply sign a waiver and drop off your items. NO WAITING IN LINE.

3. Request a partial payout. Usually beginning on Friday, you can request a partial payout of what you are do on items you have already sold. If you are anything like me you will then promptly turn around and spend that money right back at the auction, but if you are a party pooper, you can take the money and run as well. You can mostly "cash out" on Saturday and then just wait for a small check in the mail a few weeks later.

4. Consider abandoning your unsold items for a good cause. If you don't want to wait to get your unsold items, just leave them. Any unsold items will be taken care of for a year and return to the following GenCon as items in the charity auction. 

Source: I am an auction volunteer

Posted by knuteski

Thanks everyone.  This is great info.

Doing a waiver is totally fine with me and honestly, if my items don't sell, I don't want them back.  LOL.  So donating is also perfect.

Hmm, does that mean I'd at least get a tax deduction if they went into the auction (in 2018 though).

Posted by jerrytel

Katie can confirm, but we no longer keep items for charity the following year; just do not have the space to store and transport them anymore.


Posted by falloner jerrytel

jerrytel wrote:
Katie can confirm, but we no longer keep items for charity the following year; just do not have the space to store and transport them anymore.

That's a shame. I can't blame Jeff for not wanting to keep storing and transporting everything year after year though. 

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