Kudos to Gen Con Staff and Moderators
Posted by deltafox65

I just wanted to send out a genuine thank you to everyone that works at Gen Con.  After just perusing the forums the last week I would have had to check myself into Anger Management to even attempt to deal with half the complaints, but you guys pull it off every year with class and dignity.  I just hope half the people that say they are no longer going to attend Gen Con in Indianapolis follow through and it makes your job a little easier in future years with the number of complaints.  I for one truly salute you all and must say keep up the amazing job.

Posted by roganca

Seconded. The forum moderators are great. Professional, smart and helpful.

Posted by komoridarkclaw

Having lucked out this year, I want to say that I vastly prefer the new housing process of having assigned times. I did not pull a good time last year and it was just a big hassle to log in, try to get a wait number and estimated time, then sit and wait for hours to see when it actually comes up. I worked with it last year, but it wasn't fun. If I had gotten a late evening time this year it would have stopped most of that "What time is my queue actually going to pop? Can I run to the store? What about those meet-up plans with friends I have?" anxiety so thank you for that update.

Posted by njseahawksfan

Here, here!

I'm very impressed with how quickly the moderators and GenCon Customer Service have handled issues. 

I also feel that this year's housing lottery was the smoothest yet.  I didn't get the rooms I would have prefered, but I got a room and I'm going to GenCon.  I'm okay with this primarly because I feel like the process is fair.  I didn't get lucky

As person who has been a moderate user of the GenCon message boards, I also note that many of the more vociferous complainers are the same user names year in and year out.

Posted by elvinlord

Cheers to all the staff and dms without them we would have a con to complain about.

Posted by bushmaster

Agree.  GenCon staff has been doing titan work.

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