aaronmlopez wrote:
I would not recommend the child-leash... yes, you will know where your child is, but you will probably trip up a lot of people who are not watching out for it (Much more so than a wheeled bag would) and end up having someone fall on your child as a result. 

That depends on how long you let the leash out.. Keep it at under 10ft shouldn't make it so bad..  Better yet, make it 5ft so he's close to you.
braewe wrote:
I am going second the person who said once you bring a smaller child it becomes their con and not your con.
Smaller children require supervision, to keep themselves and others safe, and their well-being doesn't lend itself very well to four hour time slots of holding still, no matter /what/ you bring for them to do. Inevitably, the small voice will creep in. Is it time to go yet Mommy? When do we leave? I'm hungry. I'm sleepy. I'm thirsty. 
Even if you BRING all that, plus a smaller nap pad thing, it just won't work well with having them at your event...they want YOUR ATTENTION not all the other things they are complaining about. I'm not being down on kids, really I'm not! But unless the event you all are attending is THEIR event, they won't be happy.

Very true brae..  Over the past 18 years attending, i've lost count of the # of times a parent has brought a toddler to a game and had to leave early cause the kid was making more and more demands on dad (or mom's) time, to where the parent couldn't keep his or her focus on the game..  Which makes it a downer not just for that person (Since they paid to get into the event) but for all the others at that table.
pinkparasol wrote:
I also completely have to agree with the expecting a good chunk of the convention to not even realize your little girl is there, especially if she is walking on her own. Most people are not going to be looking down low enough to see her or be expecting her. I freely admit I'm more likely to be looking up at direction signs because I'm utterly lost then checking my feet in case a tiny tot is underfoot nearby. With how packed this convention is going to be this year be prepared to be carrying/strollering her around and possibly dealing with her being overwhelmed by so many people in too close quarters. Because let's be real, there is no space bubble honoring when the hallway is packed and people are trying to get from differing point As to different point Bs as quickly as possible to make it to a game on time.

With the # of times i have had my foot stomped on, ran over etc, i DO spend a lot of time glancing down every 4-6 steps..  So not all of us are completely oblivious to what's going on near the ground.
njseahawksfan wrote:There are water bottle refilling stations all over the ICC.  I wouldn't suggest carrying the extra weight of lots of water bottles.  Bring one and refill for free at will.

Lots is a weighted word.  In my walking around, i counted barely under 20 total..  in all of the con (inc what i saw in lucas oil)..  For how BIG the place is, i would in no way count that as 'a lot'..