Article: " Want to Get Into Tabletop RPGs?" Decent (if arguable) list of intro games.
Posted by aldctjoc

You know someone who might want an introductory game to learn about tabletop RPGing? io9 published a list of games to suck them in. :D

Granted, that list is just one author's opinion. I foresee much disagreement with many of the suggestions. Still, though, it's not a bad starting point. And really, the specific game is probably less important than the individual experience playing. Anyway, just thought I'd share it here.

Posted by lore seeker

Depending on what they're looking for, I'd direct any new players to the following:

-Pathfinder (for basically being the gold standard, D&D, but better; also for being a good example of an action-heavy RPG)
-Call of Cthulhu (Chaosium version) (for the elegantly simple d100 rule system and for being a good example of a horror/investigative RPG)
-Old World of Darkness (for a great example of what RPGs can be in terms of character creation/development)

Posted by nascragman

It's far more important to look at your individual GenCon event listing to see if it's an expert or introductory level game.

Nascrag expects some familiarity with RPGs but we're rules-light and Role-playing heavy.  You don't need a ton of Pathfinder knowledge to play in our games, just a willingness to embrace your character.


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